South Korea Lottery Result 2021 |

South Korea Lottery 2021 Registration and Results 2020. The Boesl Lottery Online Registration Notice 2020 announced on Now South Korea can apply for the 2020 lottery results and apply. So today we are talking about the online application procedures for the South Korea Lottery Registration 2020. It can be described as both historical South Korea landmarks and cities in the forefront. With lots of parks, intricate temples and huge skyscrapers. It should maintain the third largest economy in Asia. So a lot of workers are needed. Bangladesh has a huge job market all over the world. South Korea Jobs Post and BOESL South Korea Lottery 2020 posted on December 12, 2019. Stay tuned.

South Korea Lottery Result 2021 |

Bosl Korea Lottery 2021 timeline Registration is open – May 22, 2020 at 10 am. Registration ends – May 2020 December 2020 at 5.00 pm. Results will be published – possibly in December 2020.

Form requirements:
Applicants must meet the following requirements for BOESL Korea Lottery 2020 so find out the minimum requirements for a BOESL registration. You must be from 18 to 40 years old. This means that applicants must be born between March 25, 1979 and March 24, 2001.
No court can punish the applicant.
The visa or CCVI of South Korea has not been revoked.
I did not keep it illegally.
He is no longer from South Korea.
There were no fines, penalties, or penalties of any kind.
Has not held an E-9/10 visa for more than 5 years.
BD received no restrictions from the government.
Good at Korean language.
Color blindness and color weakness will not be permitted.
People with physical disabilities can take the test online if they are fluent in the Korean language.
However, they will be tested by their physical skills.

How to apply for BOESL Korea DV Lottery 2021:

Follow the steps below to register BOESL 2020.

Firstly visit the official website of the Bangladesh recruitment and services company overseas limited at
Then fill in the page with the correct information.
The first box is Full Name. Fill it out.
Then the date of birth.
Then the passport number.
Then scan and upload the passport photo. Image size – 45 to 60 KB.
Type in your personal phone number.
Enter the captcha code now to prove that you are not a robot.
Now check the information again. Is everything all right as per the passport?
Otherwise, you will be in big trouble. So be careful!
Results for BoseL South Korea Lottery 2021
The results of the BOESL South Korea Lottery 2020 will be published on March 19, 2020. If you make the pre-selection, you can apply for the final application.

south korea work lottery result

American lottery DB is here

BoseL Final Application Process
After the initial selection you need these things:

The original passport
A colored copy of the passport.
2 passport size photos with a white background.
The final recording will be posted on the Boesl website.

BOESL Korea Lottery Registration 2021 notice:
US DV Lottery
More information:

Applicants over the age of 90 days in Korea must provide TB test results.

Hospital nominated by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea: Prescription Point Limited

Address: House # 105, Road No. 12, Block E, Banani, Dhaka Dhaka-1213.
Phone Number: 017-1333-3233 ~ 4
Price: 1500 dinars
BOESL documents required for all types of visas
Visa application form (fill out group letters)
Passport size photo (taken in the past six months).
Passport (minimum of six months).
A scanned copy of the first page of the passport (identification page).
The expatriate letter addressed to the consul of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, which includes travel details and necessary information:
Current workplace and location Date of commencement of work, annual salary amount (if any)
Date of visit (specify exact dates), purpose of visit (detailed explanation), guarantee or statement to bear all travel / accommodation expenses.
A private bank account statement for the last six months.
Flight and hotel reservations are clearly marked with dates (do not shop until visa is approved).
Visa fee for BOESL Lottery 2021
The visa fee is not eligible
Single visa (more than 90 days) – 5100
Recognition fee – one set of 340 thousand
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