Introducing Windows 11 || Review

tech giant Microsoft has announced the shutdown of Windows 10 as of October 14, 2025. According to tech website Tech Radar, Microsoft will continue to receive updates after the scheduled time of 2025, so that users can transition to the new operating system. US-based tech company Microsoft has said that it won’t be offering any more releases after version 10. But now, according to a teaser shared on Twitter for the company, a Windows 11 release is coming later this month. The list of events on the Microsoft website will also announce what Windows will be highlighted on June 24th.

Introducing Windows 11 || Review

What is in Windows 11?
The main surprise of Windows 11 is its “Microsoft Store”. Although Windows 7 and Windows 10 are short-lived Microsoft Stores, the Microsoft Store has been redesigned for this new version. There will be different types of Windows software in the Microsoft Store and everything should be installed from here. However, there is a great opportunity for developers in this new “Microsoft Store”. In this store, developers will be able to upload their developed apps, and users will be able to download and install these apps directly from the Microsoft Store, for free or for money, just like in the Google Play Store.

Windows 11 Active Cod 

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