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Welcome to the Learning and Career Resource Center headquarters. Study book, BD.com, early twentieth century. Here I am Dr. Shafiqul Islam Sadi, It Hut Site is Education Website and its goals. Books can be read on ithut.org,

The ithut.org textbook seeks to provide accurate information from the People’s Republic of Bangladesh regarding results, scholarships, admission news, job news, job test results, etc. to the relevant users of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and education. All countries checked. Guest, guest. We always tend to try to continuously publish and publish teaching and test results

Sometimes we tend to thank you online or just to encourage the results of alternative methods. You can learn how to apply online and learn more about the PRC test or job portal. In general, we update the results of our website, and in general, we tend to send separate results to you to start with any failure or harassment.

Hello, We have published results for exam, routine, exam suggestion, university admission process and other educational information from Bangladesh through our website at ithut.org and our Facebook page.

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