The new app will tell you which way the route bus is

Passengers will be able to know where the bus of which route is, when it will arrive at the specified stop, through this smart phone. To make the transport system more sophisticated, CSTC will soon introduce ‘Real Time Bus Tracking’ system. Through this, on the one hand, the officials of the corporation will be able to know the location of the bus, which bus is leaving from which depot,


when it is entering, how long it will take everything, so the passengers will be able to know where the bus is on which route. By downloading a new app of CSTC on a smart phone, you can get information about the buses of Calcutta State Transport Corporation. However, the app will be available after a couple of months. Not only that, digital display boards will be installed at important stops of 30 CSTCs in the city. There you will find important information including bus route bus schedule. Security guards will be deployed to prevent theft of display boards.

Under the ‘Intelligent Transport Management System’, several programs have been taken to improve the transport system. Among them is this new system of knowing the condition of the bus.


The location of the bus will be seen through GPS system. Corporation officials will be able to know which route the bus is entering and exiting from the control room. How long does the trip take, how many passengers are there, everything. According to an official of the corporation, if this system is introduced, fraud in the work of drivers and conductors can be stopped a lot. Unnecessary buses cannot be kept. Knowing that surveillance is going on, the work of drivers and conductors will also be speeded up. Apart from that, it will be known through CCTV whether the conductors are selling tickets.

Passengers will also benefit. It is possible to know the number of buses running on which route and when the bus will reach which stop. According to the corporation, the state government is providing 75 per cent of the cost of the ‘intelligent transport management system’ and the central government is providing 35 per cent.

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