Introduction to Android

What is Android?
Android is a kind of operating system made for smartphones. This operating system also includes middleware (middleware is used for easy communication between multiple applications) and some built-in applications.

What is the operating system?
An operating system is a collection of computer programs that run computer hardware and software. The operating system computer takes input from the user and serves the user and other programs by managing various tasks and internal systems on the computer.

Introduction to Android


Keep in mind that no application software (software that is used for daily work such as writing, drawing, etc.) will run without an operating system. Application softwares are created based on the operating system. A particular application software is based on a specific operating system. Nowadays, however, application software is built in such a way that almost all operating systems run them. Desktop or laptop computers such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8, Mac OS, Linux run on different operating systems, as well as smart mobile phones (smartphones) run on the Android operating system. Google brings this Android operating system to the market. Some other operating systems of smartphones, Nokia Symbian, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone etc.

Android applications or Android apps
We use different software on the computer. The software with which we do practical work. Application software is created according to the platform of each different operating system. For example, software made for Windows will not run on Mac or Linux operating systems. Similarly, software made for iPhone will not run on Android. Software, games, widgets or apps that run on Android phones or Android operating systems are Android applications or Android apps for short.


Android Apps Downloader How to download Android apps?
Google search for “Android apps download” will come up with numerous Android app download links. But by downloading apps from all over the place and installing them on your phone, you can get in a lot of trouble, even your smartphone can become dead (useless) for the rest of your life. So it is better to install apps directly from Google Play without downloading apps from any website or link without knowing or understanding. To download Android free apps, you first need to log in to Gmail or Google. After that go to and select Google Play. From there, select the category and click on the top free button. Only apps that can be downloaded for free can be seen. However, it can only be downloaded from Android phones. It’s not just download, the app will be installed directly on your phone.

How to install Android apps from computer

First get your phone’s internet and computer’s internet connection. Both must have an internet connection. The phone may have an internet connection via mobile network or Wi-Fi. However, in this case it is better to have uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi zone).
Then you need to login to Gmail or Google from your phone. Once logged in, exit directly without exiting (or even if not, it is better not to do any more work on the phone).
After that you have to log in to Gmail or Google with computer. Note that the Google or Gmail account with which you logged in to the phone, you need to log in to the computer with that account.
On the computer from which Google has logged in, from that browser and click play.

Select the category here and click on Top Free. This time, if you click on the app that you like, the text will be installed in the green box. Click on the Install button and look at the bottom of the window that says Device – Phone. This time, when you click on the Confirm / Install button, the text ‚ÄúCongratulations! The name of the app is “Will Be Installed on Your Device.” If you click ‘OK’ here, you will see that the apps are being installed on your phone after a while
One thing to note here is that if your selected apps don’t work on your phone or those apps don’t support your Android version, then when you select the apps, click on the Install button “This app is incompatible with your device.” You can see the text.
Installing apps in this way can save your phone battery a bit and also save your internet browsing cost.

Root of Android phone What is the root of Android phone?

The word root comes from users of the Linux operating system. Linux users who have root privileges or superuser permissions are called root users. Android is made from Linux based operating system. Root permission on Android devices means getting permission to edit system files. This means that you can edit the system file as you wish. It can also be called hacking the phone.

Why not have root on Android phone

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