What is a processor? Details How does the Jenin processor work?

In this age of technology, we use many tools on a daily basis, and the name of mobile and computer comes first. We usually buy a mobile phone or a mobile phone by looking at its features, or a mobile phone or computer made from many components, including the CPU. A very important component, and today in this article we will discuss what a processor is, and how the processor works.


What is the processor?

Definition of the processor
Processors or CPUs are used in many different tools besides cell phones and computers. The CPU is usually called the computer brain, and its full name is the CPU. The processor is part of the computer that is running the operating system, programs, or applications.

What is the processor? (What is a processor) How does the processor work?
A processor is a type of chip that is found in computers, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other tools. The processor is an important hardware component of all of these tools.

The processor is called the brain, because it has the ability to understand the movements that occur between hardware and software, which means that the processor can understand the movements that occur between the computer and us.

This allows the computer to understand any command given to us and to act on that task.

I mean, we can’t do anything on the computer until the computer understands any of the commands given to us. If you don’t understand, don’t worry, see example below –


Suppose two people stand somewhere, one knows Bengali and the other knows Tamil, after which conversation between two people will only be possible when both need to know a common language that they can talk to each other.

Now they both know Hindi, so they start talking to each other through Hindi, just like the therapist works like Hindi.

The mediator between us and the computer is the processor just like these two people, which means our orders or instructions for the computer.

With the help of a computer program that does what we command using the keyboard and mouse, so the processor is called a CPU or CPU.

Jenin, how does the graphics card work?

What is a kernel processor?
The more you go to see the processor, you can see how many cores the processor has, like dual-core or quad-core. So let’s see what is the essence of expansion.

The kernel usually describes the speed or power of the processor, if the processor is a single core, it will not be able to do more tasks or work, then the computer will be suspended.

However, computers or mobile phones today have dual core processors, 4 cores, 6 cores, 6 cores or more. 6 main, 8 or more tax treatments are used.

Types of processors (multi-core processor)

Dual Core processor – This processor contains two cores.
Quad-core processor (quad-core processor) – this processor means 4 cores.
Hexa-core processor (Hexa-core processor) – this processor means 6 cores.
Octa Core processor – This processor contains 6 cores.
Deca-core processor – Deca-core processor – This processor contains 10 cores.

Processor speed
The processor speed is measured in GHz, such as liquid milk, liters of water, rice, legumes in kilograms, and distance in kilometers.

The processor K is measured in GHz. The more cores in the processor, the more power or speed it has. .

For this, everyone is looking for a multi-core processor and a mobile device or laptop with a higher GHz processor.

Factory wizard
Processors are manufactured by many companies, but here are the most popular company names.

Intel Corporation
Huawei (Huawei)
Nvidia (nvidia)
Here, Intel and MD make CPUs for computers, because its technology is very advanced and modern. On the other hand, Qualcomm and other companies are making processors for mobile phones, tablets and other tools.

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