What is a hard disk? How does a computer hard disk work? (HDD)

Hard disk information: Friends, you must know that the computer consists of various components, and one of the most important components is the hard disk. We have discussed other components of the computer before on this site, so today we have what is a computer hard disk or HDD? I will try to know its details.

What is a hard drive
As we enter the twentieth century, we are immersed in the digital devices around us. The biggest example is a mobile phone, computer or other gadgets. Now we cannot take a moment without it.

You are reading this post with a device, whether it is mobile or computer, so I ask you a question here. Do you know what components are in your device?

Many people may know that a mobile phone contains RAM, memory, memory, etc., in addition to computer RAM, CPU, hard disk, graphics card, etc.

But do you know why these ingredients are needed later? How do these clips work?

For example, the topic of our discussion today is the computer’s hard drive?

Have you ever wondered how a small hard drive can store 1000, 4000 or 8000 GB or more of data?

If you continue reading this post, you will get the answer.

Friends, maybe a lot of people know how RAM, CPU, hard disk, graphics card, etc. works, but for those friends who don’t know about them, I have discussed in detail about the different components of computer and mobile phone on this site.

You will get the link below.

Anyway, let’s start without delay. Today’s topic is What is a Computer Hard Disk? How Hard Drives Work.

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How does the hard drive work? Learn about a computer hard disk –
Usually when we buy a computer or laptop, we see a gigabyte of available hard disk. You should know that a hard disk is usually used for computer storage.

The hard drive is known by many names, and some call it hard drive or hard drive.

Hard disk key –
Friends, when we need to store data on a computer, we use the hard disk as a store.

The hard drive can be used in two ways, one internal and external, but most users use the hard drive internally.

However, there are many users who use the external hard drive to expand storage. The external hard drive is connected to the computer via USB and data is exchanged between them. However, its speed is much slower than the internal hard drive.

Why do you need a hard disk later –

As I said before, we use a hard disk to store a large amount of data in a computer and we need backup storage.

Starting with your computer’s operating system, all programs, files and all personal data are stored on the hard disk.

You can keep this data under your control, which means that you can delete this data or transfer it if you like, it is possible that this data is stored on the hard disk.

Here I show a small example that the internal storage in your mobile phone is stored from applications to camera photos, videos, mp3 and various other files, it is stored in the internal storage so you can access it.

You can access this data as a result of a hard disk in your computer. But keep in mind that the technology used for storing cell phones is different. We will discuss this later.

How does the hard drive work –
We usually use storage so that it can store our data when the device is turned off. As a result, when we start this device again, we can access our previous data.

Since we cannot always start the computer, the hard drive stores all computer data while the computer is off, so we can access this data when the computer restarts.

Now let’s try to figure out how to break a hard drive.

Friends, the hard disk that uses such materials is called magnetic.

Magnetic materials are used in the hard drives of your computer or computer. Today this technology has been in use for many years.

Computers generally understand binary numbers 0 and 1. All processing operations on a computer are handled by signals 0 and 1.

This way, all data on the hard drive is stored as 0 and 1.

Hard disks contain one or more discs spinning at a speed of 56007200 rpm, and these disks contain ferromagnetic material so that they can be easily charged magnetism.

Hard disk information
Divided by billions of magnetic regions of a hard drive, this single magnetic region can convert its polarity to a negative (-) or positive (+). As a result, one magnetic region is a binary number.

For example, a positive magnetic charge (+) 1 and a negative magnetic charge (-) 0 are binary numbers.

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