What is a graphics card? How does a graphics card work on a computer?

Many of us nowadays have computers at home and prefer to buy games to play on the computer. The trend of playing games in third world countries has increased a lot, especially among the younger generation. To play high-quality games on the computer, we need a graphics card. In this article I will try to find out “what a graphics card” and how it works.

What a graphics card
Photographers card
What is a graphics card? (What is the graphics card)
We also call a video card graphics card or display card, graphics card are computers like processor, RAM, hard disk, and these are required to create a computer at a later time.

So if you want to create a gaming PC then you need a graphics card. You don’t need a graphics card on a regular computer or laptop.

Since there are graphics in the processor, so you can work in short games or Photoshop, but to play high-quality games or video editing that cannot integrate graphics with it, you should use an external graphics card.

How does the graphics card work?
The images you see on the screen are made up of small pixels, and they are very small. Typically, high-resolution screens can be seen in millions of pixels, and the computer determines what the image will look like on the screen, and this requires a computer interpreter (cpu). Later it can convert binary data into pictures.

Then the graphics processing unit (GPU-) comes in handy, and its mission is to convert binary data and display it on the screen, so if there is graphics built into the CPU data processor, or move it, or if there is a dedicated graphics card with the motherboard, So go there. The card converts that data and displays it on the screen.

I hope you understand, and if you don’t understand, I try to explain with a simple example –

Think of your computer as a company and there are many departments in which the arts department is a department, and when an art work comes to that company, it is transferred to its arts department, then this section decides how to do it, and finally this art. Come ready.

The graphics card works in this principle. The main thing is that the CPU sends data to the image that is transferred to your screen is the graphics work. Graphics are not only on computers, mobile phone, tablet, computer console, etc.

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Graphics card benefits?
External graphics are needed when we’re working on graphics targets on a computer. I have already said that graphics on a regular computer are low-power graphics, but there are many advantages to using a separate graphics card.

You can play high quality games on your computer or laptop.
You can do 3D image editing and video editing in a good way.
Video presentation or programming can be performed as application development.
You can watch live videos and good image quality.
4K videos and HDR videos will work well.
Which graphics card is better?
The graphics card on a computer meets the needs of different users in different ways. Some people do not have a graphics card for video editing, and some play games. .

You will get graphics cards in different ranges on the market, so you have to buy the graphics card that meets your needs. If you just want to edit the video, buying a low-power graphics card at a low price will work. But the games are high quality. You need a good graphics card to play.

You will find Gigabyte, Asus, Galaxy, Zotac, MSI and other graphics cards on the market, always try to buy from all these branded companies.

Graphics card price?
There are between Rs 3000-1 million in graphics cards on the market, and now the user depends on the type of card he wants, 4K, 1080p, 720p games will be the price of his card. You can play HD game.

RX550-2G GDDR5 (India amazon.in is within Rs 4,500)
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition (india amazon.in for Rs. 10000)
RX570 4GB (india amazon.in for Rs 11000)
RX 580 4GB OC Edition (india amazon.in for Rs.11000)
Rx 590 Gaming 8GB (india amazon.in for Rs 17000)
GeForce GTX 1660 6GB (India amazon.in vs Rs 17000)
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If you want to play “high graphics” or 4K video editing games on your computer, you will need a good graphics card.

Now there are some graphics cards at a lower price than them, but if you bought them, you won’t be able to enjoy the game well. If you do a little research you will find olx in India.

And if you want to buy a laptop, you have to take the device that has a dedicated graphics card, and if you have a laptop that has a graphics card with a capacity of at least 2 GB, you can play modern games in medium settings.

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