Top 10 Online Jobs at Home (Online Income 2020)

Online job: We live in a time when it is very easy to obtain a degree from a foreign university at home. Yes, anything is possible now with the help of the Internet, whether you are a college student or a professional, you are looking for a job online such as writing online. Ayoub, then you came to the right place.

In this post I will discuss how to become self-reliant by doing work online. Or I’ll look at the ways that come with some extra money in my pocket for part-time work.

Online job
Online job
What is the source of livelihood via the Internet: You can work from home on the Internet or anywhere, using a computer or other devices to work in a company or individual called livelihoods via the Internet. Many questions, where do I want to do work online? I will try to give you this answer in this post.

It may take some time for the jobs we will discuss below to get them, but when you get these jobs, you can build a career or a good job by working long hours.

However, let’s take a look at those methods below –

Top 10 online jobs
Before starting the article, I would like to make it clear to you that although these tasks must be done online, it is hard work and has good competition.

I have seen many videos on YouTube where I create videos to earn income by downloading mobile apps or playing games. Yes, you can earn a small income there but you cannot self-sufficient from there.

The tasks that I am proposing here are difficult but you will get money and work and you will be able to create your successful and safe future by shooting these jobs.

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Keep 1000 months at home.
10 part-time jobs online
1) The search engine evaluator
Google and Bing are the only two search engines (web search engine), meaning that we always search everything here and show results.

So these big companies hire lots of people to see their search results notes. Whether the search engine is working properly, and how to make the search engine easier to use, to show the user the correct result, these various tasks are performed by search engine evaluators.

There are a few companies that offer this type of job, and if you get this job, you can earn ড 10 or more per hour.

The biggest thing is that you don’t need a lot of education to work here, you just have to have a little bit of knowledge about the internet.

Website:, Lionbridge.

2) Online teacher
Friends Whether you are a college student or a home teacher, you may not get too many students or pay less in the area where you study. But with the help of the Internet, you can now share your knowledge with the whole world through online teachers and you will also get a good reward.

Many students and teachers earn thousands of rupees per month by teaching online.

Average salary: $ 13-20 an hour.
Website: and Wyzant.

3) The director of social media
Many of us spend a lot of time on these social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You might have a page or a lot of followers where you get a lot of likes and comments.

Many people may be affected by your participation so you can make it a source of your professional income.

Yes, there are many companies in the market that employ a lot of people to post on this type of social media, you can get a large monthly salary by working in this type of company.

Where to get a job: To get this type of job, you have to do your own research and search for job applications and different companies and companies.

4) Online Print Job – (freelance writer)
Currently, many companies are looking for writers to write blog posts on their website.

Various news companies use a lot of writers, because they need a lot of publications to update their audiences regularly, so they employ a lot of writers to write these publications.

In this way, they promote their products and brands to their audiences with different posts or articles from different companies, and they employ a full-time writer to write these posts.

The news you see on Facebook is written by different writers, and they get a huge salary instead.

You can earn 1000 rupees or more per day by writing in different languages.

Where to find a job: If you want to get this kind of job, you must search on your own, you can get a full-time job in a company by applying from different job portals like in fact, Nokre.

Also many freelance websites where you can do part time work.

5) Duplicator
Transcription is the process of converting any audio into text, you need to convert any audio to accurate text in that language. This copy uses subtitles in most videos.

There are many companies that employ different people for these copies and pay big money for this work.

Here you can get ঘট 10 or more, but the faster you write, the higher your profit.

Where to find work: TranscribeMe and Rev.

6) Enter data online
My friends, if you can write quickly, you can be self-sufficient by entering data. Here you can do this task in two ways, the first is to get it through freelance

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