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How to make an Android application? If you are thinking about how to create your own app and what is the rule for creating mobile apps without any coding for free then don’t worry. Today, in this article, I will tell you the names of 3 websites you can use to create your own Android mobile app for free. You do not need any programming skill or knowledge to create the application.

How to create applications
Free sites to create mobile apps!
3 best websites for creating Android apps (creating free Android apps)
Android apps are very popular nowadays, 95% of people use apps on their Android mobile phones. So, for the time being you will get an app release for all kinds of websites, companies or products.

Android application creation rules vary, and it is very important that you have some kind of programming or programming language. One of these programming languages ​​is Java. If you have knowledge of Java, you can easily create applications.

Of course, this Java language has a separate course that you can take from any college or institute. Alternatively, if you wish, you can learn the Java language by visiting the “w3school java tutorial” website. Then you can create your own mobile application as you like.

But now, if I say, “We don’t have any knowledge of any programming language” or “We want to create mobile applications without learning Java or any other programming,” that is also possible.

Hey, there are many websites on the internet that you can use to create your own android app for free. And you can earn money with them. I will talk about the best sites one by one below.

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You can go to the Google play store and download the applications to your Android phone all the time. Is that correct ..?

There you will find millions of applications of which 80% are free.

So what’s the point for those who make these apps and allow us to download and use them for free through the play store? They also create apps for one reason or another and bring them to the play store.

The answer is “reduce money.” They reduce money through their own application.

Hey, it’s easy to make money by creating an Android app. All you have to do is create an interesting Android mobile app. For example, a mobile game, photo editor app, or any other application that people will enjoy using.

Then, go to Google admob and create your own account. You will need a Gmail ID to create an Admob account.

An AdMob account now needs to create some ads to show in your app. Advertising is very easy. It will only take 2-3 minutes.

Now some approved ad code will give you what you have to put in your app. In this, when someone uses your app, they will see the handle installed on them. However, the more people use your app, the more money you can earn by advertising.

Since people download or register their apps in the Google play store, it is a place where many people download and use your app.

Believe me, today a lot of people make a free app and use admob ads to save a lot of money and you can do that too.

So, you might now know, “Why do people create apps and give them to Google playstore and what are the benefits.”

You may also know that if you create free Android mobile apps, then what’s the benefit to you.

you know. ?

Create a free app using the websites below.
Give your private app to the Google Play Store (register) with Google play Console.
Place ads on apps built with Admob.
Make money using the Android app.
How to make an Android application? 3 free sites to create applications
So if you are wondering how to create an android app then the answer is to use the three websites mentioned below.

On all websites, you can use it for free and make yourself a variety of Android games and other types of Android apps.

You will need a computer or laptop to use the websites. Also, remember that the computer or laptop you are using has internet connection.

So let’s go, we know about 3 sites to create free mobile apps.

3 free sites to create Android apps

1. Appsgeyser.Com – Build unlimited apps

Create Android apps for free!
If you want to convert to a web app or blog, you can easily convert any blog or website into android app for free from appsgeyser.

Apart from that, you can create messaging apps, mobile web browsers, photo editor apps, mobile live tv apps, video download apps and many other types of android apps by visiting this website.

You do not need any coding knowledge. Simply go to the site and save the application you want. And ,

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