Computer Source opens virtual retail store

Tech City content advisor: Computer Source Limited, a computer product importer and distributor, has opened a virtual store. As a result, shoppers will be able to purchase computer products by ordering directly online without any merchant channel. Now she joined Dotcom as a “strategic partnership”.

Computer Source just signed an agreement with Dotcom for this online sales service at an event held at the BCS Innovation Center (BCS) on Monday. As a result of the strategic agreement, customers will now be able to order every Dotcom product, from the original laptop of the brand serving the computer source, to the antivirus product.

Also, the product can be ordered from the computer source’s web. In this case, the process will run until the product is delivered to the customer. Mahfouz Aref said this virtual store was launched with dot com to develop the country’s e-business. Customers will be able to purchase and service technology products without any hassle with BCS approved full warranty.

Shameem Ahsan said that customers could order their favorite electronic products online without any hassle with the same guarantee they would have obtained in the nearest market or shopping center. He added that this partnership will help to deliver electronic products to the doorstep of buyers across the country easily.

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