SSC Result 2020 Bangladesh All Education Board Results. The date and time the SSC 2020 results were published by the Education Council of Bangladesh. Many of you search for Kobe DB on Facebook as well as SSC results. Secondary School Certificate (SSC) – and equivalent exams – has been published for the year 2020. SSC Results and Submission 2020 Published Date 2020 is very important for students participating in SSC exams. SSC is one of the best general tests in Bangladesh. It is mandatory to know that SSC is a mid-level general exam in Bangladesh. The exam started from February 1 under the supervision of the Education Council of Bangladesh. The Ministry of Education conducts SSC and equivalent exams.

Update: Covid-19 (coronavirus) due to current situation in Bangladesh. The date for the SSC 2020 score publication is May 31, 2020. Consequently, the date for the high school exam result will be announced later. I hope you have answered the question “When will the SSC 2020 results be released?”

A high school diploma (SSC), college exams, and equivalent are posted on the same date and time. So, here you will find the date the results were published, and system validation. Through this post, we will cover the system online and SMS system to get the results. Coverage after details of SSC 2020 professional results

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SSC 2020 Bangladesh results

The results of the SSC are scheduled for publication on May 31, 2020. A large number of students participated in secondary school exams. 20,31,889 students were tested from different centers. The test was conducted in more than 3,412 centers. Among them, the number of male students was 1023,212 and the number of female students was 10,08,687. Thus, more than 14,525 girls participate in school-level exams. The authorities will publish the results on May 6, 2020. A senior official at the Ministry of Education reported the news. Results will be announced after 2 pm

However, a total of 2,45,286 students take the exam compared to the previous year. However, the examination is conducted by ten educational councils in Bangladesh. 1 Education, 2, 378 students from the General Education Council, 2,99,7552 students from the Bangladesh School of Education Board (BMEB) and 11,769 students from the Technical Education Council. However, 458 students attended from abroad.

SSC routine import date

Test start date: February 1, 2020 (Saturday)
Examination end date: February 2220 2020 (Saturday)
Exam time: 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM (every day of testing)
SSC scan time: 3 hours
Date of practical testing: February 2320 to February 29, 2020
Date of publication of the results: May 31, 2020
SSC 2020 release results

SSC Results release date for 2020: This is the most common question when posting results. So far, we have asked a lot of people about the date the SSC results were published. Here is a general knowledge (basic idea) that the general test result is published within 90 days of the start of the test or within 60 days of the end of the test. Just count 60 days after the end of the test and find out the release date yourself.

I will give the result of SSC to Kobe

The test ended on March 4. So, if you followed the rules for the date the results were announced. May 3 will be 60 days, after the test has ended. So, frankly, we can say that the result will be published in May 2020.

Auxiliary test results and equivalent will be published on May 31. On wedding day, results for 2020 SC must be published through video conferences from 10 Twentieth
How to check SSC 2020 results online

The Education Council of Bangladesh is the Higher Education Council to verify the results of general exams. With this results verification page from the Education Council of Bangladesh, you can check the results quickly and quickly. What can you do after watching BD of Link Education BoardSalt BV? Read sensitively now.

After viewing the link

Check search / Reload

Select the type of education that is SSC / Intruder
Then select the name of your education board from the list of education board in Bangladesh.
Then enter the 6-digit SSC roll number and registration number,
Select General SSC Traffic.
Then prove yourself as a man and
Then send the information to get your SSC results
SSC results pre-registration by SMS

To see the SSC results, please pre-register within 24 hours before the results are issued by the Education Council of Bangladesh. You can send an SMS to 16222 by writing the SMS below.

General SSC (Space) (Space) Roll (Space) name roll and send to 16222

SSC-2020 results pre-registration started. Publish health rules to reveal results, write exam results directly from your site number now: SSC <b> Council Name <> Roll <> Year and send to 16222

SSC Result of Bangladesh Education Council

SSC testing will start in the first week of February and will run until 4 March. Every year, the SSC exam begins on the same date and follows the same routine.