HSC College Admission Result 2020-21

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HSC College Admission Result 2020-21. Results of admission to HSC 2020 | The results of xiclassadmission gov bd official website for the publication of the results of admission to the college 2020-21. Welcome to the information on grade 12 admission results. However, the HSC acceptance first eligibility list will be published on June 20, 2020. HSC acceptance eligibility results will be published at xiclassadmission.gov.bd. So, collect the HSC Acceptance Eligibility list from below. The notice has been posted to the HSC Admission 2020 application. The notice will be posted after the results of the SSC 2020 BD.

HSC 2020 admission results
Now all students are waiting for the results of admission to HSC 2020. Don’t worry about the results of college admission to the right place. Students need to apply online via Teletalk mobile. The Ministry of Education will announce the HSC 2020 Acceptance Circular. However, we update here the date on which HSC acceptance results are published and how to obtain HSC acceptance results here. Fill out the admission form from May 12, 2020.

On May 6, 2018, the Education Council released the results of SSC and equivalent. This year around 14,31,222 students passed the SSC exam. Among them, 1 lakh 4 thousand 761 students obtained a grade point average of 5.

The results of admission to the college 2020
New update: Publication of Merit List for approximately 13 students of the HSC Admission Merit List. Publish results for students on June 10, 2020 at 10.00 am. About 12 lakh were selected 848 students in the first merit list. Students who did not apply during the first application period must re-apply for admission to the college from June 11 to 18. Those who are chosen in the first merit list, but who want to change colleges, will advance between June 11 and 18. Before that, if they apply for immigration, they must pay the admission guarantee fee. See below for more

HSC College Admission Result 2020

HSC College Admission Result 2020-21

How to pay HSC admission fee

A total of 13,09,429 students have applied to be admitted to HSC this year. Of these, 9,37,947 candidates were submitted online and 4,05,868 students were submitted via SMS. 44 A total of 44,92,140 applications were submitted for admission to HSC. Among them, 40,49,780 offer Internet-based applications and 4,42,360 application-based SMS systems and it should be noted that 1,51,506 students have not applied for HSC. A total of 14,52,605 students have passed SSC testing this year, and 130,099 students have applied for admission to HSC.

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The results of admission in the twelfth grade
HSC College admission results are achieved by SSC roll number, board name, and year of success – verify results. It is time to verify HSC 2020 admission results for the 2020-21 academic course for college admission in the first year. All admission results for the eleventh semester of the college are published online simultaneously and on the same day – www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd.

Now, check your acceptance results from the link below.

Results of the HSC 2020 admission application. The results of the college entrance admission test for Bangladesh 2020. The 12th admission results for all Bangladeshi colleges can be found here. Students will be selected according to SSC and equivalent results. You will find the results of the private college here.

Acceptance results for twelfth grade (HSC) 2020 Date 10 June 2020. But can the authorities release the results in a timely manner? Because, in the previous year, the Ministry of Education failed to publish the first benefit list for the eleventh admission for 2019 due to a technical error. Three times, set the date for the 2019 college admission result.

XI 2020 admission results will be announced and posted online for each college across the country. Only three or four colleges use their admission test methods. Especially; Notre Dame College Dhaka and St. Joseph College and School take the HSC 2020-21 Academic Entrance Test.

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