JDC, JSC Result 2020 Full Marksheet Published

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JDC, JSC Result 2020 Full Marksheet Published JDC and JSC 2020 Results published – 85.28% this year. The number of students who passed the JSC and JDC exams reached 22322933. This year, 99.94% of students passed junior high school diploma and equivalent Junior Entry Certificate exams. Results of the Primary Certificate Examinations (PSC), Middle School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Intruder (JDC) certification will be released on Tuesday (30 December). Of the 2,325,933 students who took the JSC and JDC exams, 16,75,109 students emerged victorious. A total of 2,325,933 students under 6 general education councils and 1 school board achieved the highest GPA 5 (average grade point score) this year.

JSC Result 2020 Full Marksheet

Students and parents are keen to download the JSC Result 2020 score sheet online and wait for the results. For 2020, the JSC and JDC exams are organized by respective education boards as of November last year. Middle School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Entry Certificate (JDC) results will be announced on December 30, 2020. Students who have attended the JSC / JDC exams in Bangladesh can wait a few more days, until we update the official information here on our website.

The result of JSC’s success for 2020
(Here JSC gives results for all education boards in 2020. The last success rate will be updated after the results are released in 2020))

JSC Result Dhaka Dhaka Board Success rate: 8: .19%
Rajshahi Board Results Results Board Results: 94.56%
Success rate in the JSC Board Scoreboard: 89.72%
JSC Result Dinajpur Board Pass rate: 61.62%
JSC Result Comilla Board Pass rate: 8: .99%
Success rate in the JSC Chittagong Score: 81.52%
JSC Result Resisal Board Success rate: 96.52%
JSC Result Jessore Board Success rate: 84.23%
JDC Result Madrasa Board Pass rate: 89.09%

How to download JSC 2020 full Marksheet results online

Download JS Result 2019 Marksheet easily from our website. Bangladesh Education Minister Noorul Islam Nahid handed over the results to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 10 am this morning. The Minister will officially announce the results of the 2019 JDC and JSC at a press conference in his ministry at 1.40 pm.

The results of the JSC for 2020

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The results of the JSC for 2020

Students will be able to verify their grades, grades, and score points in this JSC / JDC score sheet along with the overall score obtained in the test in GPA format. According to official rules, test results will be published 60 days before the end of the test, and councils are expected to release the results on time each year.

The results of the JSC exams for 2020

JSC and JDC can get 2020 results by SMS in their mobile messages. Type the first three letters of the JSC and Education Board and roll the test number and send it to 16222.

JSC SMS method

JSC <space> DHA <space> Roll Year number <space> and send to 16222

JDC SMS system

Send to JDC <space> MAD <space> roll number <space> general and 16222
These SMS can be sent from any Airtel, Banglalink, Teletalk or Grameen Phone operator for JSC results or JDC 2020 results.

Council codes are: Comilla-Kaum, Haka-HA, Barisal-Bar, Rajshahi-Raj, Chittagong-Chi, Dinajpur-Din, Jessore-JS, Slivate-SIL, Madras-Mad and Technical-Tech.

Click to get the JSC 2020 score Click on the PSC 2020 score Click for a complete score sheet for JDC results
Students wishing to reproduce their examination papers after publishing their JSC or JDC 2020 results can submit online. This can be done online from Teletalk prepaid cell phones.

JDC and JSC 2019 results will be available at recognized examination centers and education boards, at the same time on the Education Council website or on our website. Candidates will be able to receive their results via SMS to mobile operators from 2.30 pm today.

The exams were conducted in 2,420 centers across the country under eight general education councils and one school council. More than 1.9 million students from the eighth semester – about 10,07,655 girls and 8,95,091 boys – participated in exams beginning on November 19 this year.

Download JSC Re-Verification Application Application 2020

Students can download their JSC score sheet through the Android app designed to provide JSC 2020 results for students and the name of the app is VarsityGround (Official App). This is the official app of the Education Council and a link is available on the official website http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/. So, download the app to your mobile phone and check the result as well as the tag sheet with this Android app. The process is very simple because you have to install other apps on your mobile phone.

If you have any questions about JDC, JSC Result 2020 Marksheet, please comment or email us on our Facebook page, and we will reply as soon as possible.


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