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SSC 2020 Results Results of the Education Council of Bangladesh in Bangladesh. SSC Result 2020 Bangladesh will publish all Education Boards on May 31, 2020. The High School Certificate (SSC), Qualification and Equivalent Examinations within the Professional Council started from Monday (February 1) 2020. The number of girls taking SSC exams in Bangladesh increases this year.

A total of 20,31,899 students will participate in the exam. Of these, 10, 23, 217 students, and 108,687 students. Education Minister Dibo Money said the number of girls on the exam was more than 19,000 compared to boys.

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SSC 2020 Results of the Education Council

Compared to last year, at least 122.27 students will take the test. Nahed said that students from 28,119 institutions will take exams in 3,143 centers, while 404 students from eighth places abroad will take the exams. Students who pass this SSC test are given and given the opportunity to be admitted to college. If you want to get SSC 2020 results quickly from our site, stay tuned with us. You can easily get the SSC 20209 results and the SSC 2020 Scholarship results from this blog. Bangladesh Ministry of Education.

For the first time, autism students take the test. Education Minister Dibo Money

The request was presented at a press conference in his city’s secretariat office about upcoming exams. Nahid said that students with disabilities will have an additional 20 minutes to complete the test with the help of special scribes and children (autism and Down syndrome) will be allowed to go for an additional 30 minutes with their parents, teachers or assistants.

The theoretical part of the experiments will end on March 8, the practical part will begin on March 9 and will continue until March 14, 2020. Nahedh has denied allegations that teachers have been instructed to score higher in order to further improve the pass rate. SSC results in 2020

When will SSC 2020 test results be released?

Latest SSC 2014 results published on May 1, 2014, SSC results 2015 May 30, 2015 SSC results 2011 2016 11th May, SSC results 2011 May 4, SSC results 2011 6, May May Results of SSC 2019 May 6. So the SSC results for this year 2020 will be published “May 31” the fifth month of the year.


SSC Result 2020 All Education Board Results BD

SSC Exam Result 2020 Download

SSC Result will publish on 31st May at 12:00 PM

SSC Result

SC version 2020 results

SSC results will be announced within 2020 days,


He said. He added, “BTRC will take immediate action if the question is leaked to Facebook.” He also said that BTRC authorities were asked to work to stop any kind of rumors about leaking question papers through any social media, especially Facebook.

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SSC 2020 results

SSC Score Sheet

Present the 2020 results

How to obtain SSC 2020 results online or through website

On Results Day, SSC 2020 results will be published on after 2.30 pm. From the Internet, the SSC results will be published on the official website of the Secondary Education Council 2020. It will be available on the afternoon of May 31, 2020. To obtain the SSC results, you must visit the official website of the Education Council Results in Bangladesh:

SSC BD download results

Here is an alternative way to get your results quickly, very quickly and easily. The result will be presented by search from the archives of the Education Council. You will get some funds like the Education Council. Specify the test name, test year, and name of your education board and enter the SSC roll number and registration number in another box. And write the captcha code. Finally, press the Apply button, try two or three times. I hope you get your results very easily.

How can you check SSC Result 2020 SMS on mobile?

Get the SSC 2020 result via SMS on your mobile phone, first go to the messages option and SSC / Alim <> write the first three letters of the board name <> roll number <> 2020 and send it to 16222.

For example: SSC <space> sends to DHA <space> 153630 <space> 2020 16222

The codename of the Education Council of Bangladesh

DHA = Dhaka plate
Bar = Barisal board
SYL = Sylhet panel
COM = Comilla Board
CHI = Chittagong Panel
Raj = Rajshahi Board
JS = Jessore Board
Day = Dinajpur Council
MAD = school board
SSC 2020 results by Android app

You can download SSC 2020 results very quickly using Android mobile apps. Below are some online applications that allow all students to obtain SSC results. In addition, you will find SSC results apps in the Google Play Store. Now, to get the app, you need to go to Playstore and search for the app in the search box. Then you will get many search results and you have to choose and install one of them.

App link here:

SSC results for 2020

You should find your result here with the mark sheet. Also look for the results of the submission in the SSC 2020 result along with the scoresheet here. This is very important to show the mark sheet. Because sometimes you know that, what marks or grades you got. The score sheet will then help you find the CGPA.

The High School Certificate (SSC), Kakil, and Equivalent Examinations 2020 started on Monday (February 1) under ten educational councils. The results of all education councils are presented below.


SSC 2020 results for the Bichal Educational Council

The Secondary Education Council, Barisal (BISE) is an independent body primarily responsible for accepting the results of SSC exams and granting recognition to newly established private educational institutions. The Barisal Education Board started its activity in 1999. It has conducted three important general exams for the JSSC. (Middle School Certificate) S.Sc. (Secondary School Certificate) and H.Sc. (Graduate Certificate) Barisal Division, Bangladesh. Official web address:

SSC 2020 Chittagong Education Council results

The Secondary Education Council, Chittagong is an independent body, primarily responsible for the results of SSC and HSC exams and the recognition of newly established private educational institutions.

The Chittagong Board of Education started its activities in 1995. Given the increasing suitability of quality and quantitative education in Bangladesh, BISE strives to build this as a center of excellence in education management.

Comilla Board of Education SSC 2020 results

Comilla Secondary Education Council is an independent body. (High School Certificate) General Exam and Results of SSC 2020 near 5 provinces of Comilla department. The council was established in 1962.

SSC 2020 education results

The entire Board of Secondary Education is responsible for managing all public schools except for English middle schools and schools in the entire Dhaka department. 21 The Education Council was established in May 1921 in Shka Bakshibazar, which is an independent body responsible for the results of the 2020 SSC Result Board in Dhaka and the results of the HSC exam. Official web address:

SSC 2020 Dinosaur Education Council results

The Board of Secondary Education of Dinajpur (here known as BISE) started its activities in 2006. Earlier this education board was in Rajshahi Education Board. It is responsible for developing an independent body, organizing, monitoring, supervising, controlling and inspecting at a secondary level. SSC 2020 results are available on our website.

SSC 2020 Jessore Education Council Outcome

Secondary Education Council (BISE), Jessore was established in 1963 for the Khulna Division. This council organizes the results of SSC tests and through a law related to the regulation, supervision, supervision and control of SSC results and the development of the 2020 academic year.

SSC Mymensingh Board results

I know that all students who participated in the SSC 2020 final exam from Mymensingh Board are also waiting for their final results. Am i right? Yes, because Mymensingh Council published the final SSC 2020 results on its website. Don’t worry, you can download it by clicking on their website link

The Mymensingh Education Council was created for the Mymensingh Department on August 26, 2020 by decree to organize, monitor, supervise, monitor and develop general, middle and high school exams in Bangladesh and educational institutions.

BISE Mymensingh started her journey with educational institutions in four regions of Mymensingh, Netrokona, Sherpur and Jamalpur. At present, there are 1,600 recognized schools, 226 recognized schools and 235 temporarily recognized colleges under the Mymensingh Education Council.

The results of the Rajshahi Education Council SSC 2020

Rajshahi Board of Secondary Education started its activities in 1919. Results of SSC 2020 The Rajshahi Board will be published here. The Board of Directors is responsible for organizing, monitoring, supervising, controlling and developing secondary and higher education institutions, the results of conducting general examinations (SSC and HSC) and enhancing the interest of students and teachers in a healthy academic environment. Official internet address:

The results of the Sylhet Education Council SSC 2020

The Secondary Education Council, Sylhet is an independent body responsible for conducting general exams (SSC and HSC) in four areas of the Sylhet Division. Sylhet Education Council was established in 1999. The results of the SSC 2020 Sylhet Education Council will be published here.

The results of the school education board exams 2020

School School Council 1 The Education Board of the Bangla School was formed by the British government in 1760. However, it started its activities independently in 1979. In 1985, the entry-level education level was granted at SSC. The results of the entrance examination will be published in May 2020.

Entry test results

Vocational Education Council Results for 2020

The name of the Vocational Education Council is also the Technical Education Council of Bangladesh. “The East Pakistan Technical Education Council”.


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