The ministry will send ‘messages’ to Corona Primary

In order to prevent the spread of coronas, all the educational institutions of the country were closed from March 8 to March 8. Later, it was extended to 7 April. The HSC and equivalent examinations, which began on April 1, were also postponed.

The government and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education are thinking about how to continue classes or teaching at primary schools during the closure of the government. They also have the idea of ​​promoting class through TV.

The Department of Elementary Education will send SMS (Khuderbarta) to the elementary students to continue their education while on vacation at home. On Wednesday, the department received such instructions from the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

Primary and Mass Education Secretary Md., Directed the primary education officers of all the districts of the country through video conference on Tuesday. Akram Al Hossain.

He said, “A unique SMS will be sent to the mobile phones of one million students of the country. Until now, the students will be asked to continue the studies, which are under the supervision of the mothers, who have been taught in the school. It has been directed to send this SMS from the Directorate of Primary Education. ‘

The secretary said that regular school head teachers and assistant teachers would monitor the students’ education by talking to parents on mobile.

Fouzia, principal of Vikarunnisa Noon School and College in the capital, said the issue was positive. “At least students will learn at home,” he said.


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