Journalist Kajol’s motorbike is a mysterious few

Photo: Shafiqul Islam Kajal disappeared the day after he arrived at the office, several people were seen walking in front of his office suspiciously. In the video footage of the incident, the three men were seen moving the motorcycle of Shafiqul.

When he left his elephant office three hours later, the men also left the scene. On March 8, Shafiqul Islam left his Bakshibazar residence at his office on a daily basis.

According to CCTV footage, he arrived at the office of Meher Tower in Hatirpool around 4:30 pm. He had no further reports from seven in the past. His wife, Julia Ferdousi, made a general diary the day after the disappearance at Chawkbazar police station. On March 7, around 5:30 pm, the court intervened in the Chakbazar police station.

Amnesty International released a statement yesterday with video footage. Samad Hammadi, Amnesty International’s South Asia campaigner, said he was being pursued just a day after the police investigation against Kajal, proving the suspicious behavior of unknown people caught in CCTV footage. He has not been seen since that day and where he is, nothing is known.

Chawkbazar police OC Moudud Howlader said they had heard that Amnesty had released a video footage. However, none of the footage was identified. They are investigating the matter. “We are calling on the authorities to expedite the whereabouts of Kajal, and if he is kept in state custody, he should be released without delay,” Saad Hammadi said.


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