Hariq applied for a transfer as primary assistant teacher

After a week of joining the new workplace, a total of 121 people were appointed as assistant teachers in primary schools in Sunamganj. Many of the appointees are applying along with the District Primary Education Officer.

According to sources in the District Primary Education Office, this year, 121 teachers have been appointed as assistant teachers for the primary schools in seven Upazilas of Sunamganj. After finding some other jobs from there, he got the appointment card. Out of which, 32 teachers have joined 3 Upazilas of Sunamganj. The rest of them are busy in various tasks, yet have not yet joined their assigned workplace.

Of them, Sunamganj Sadar Upazila 1, Vishwamurpur Upazila 1, South Sunamganj Upazila 1, Tahirpur Upazila 1, Jamalpunj Upazila 1, Dirai Upazila 1, Dharampasha Upazila 1, Shabla Upazila 7, Jaganja Upazila Twenty-one teachers and 8 teachers from Chhatak Upazila joined their workplace. But after a week of joining, more than five transfer applications have been submitted to the District Primary Education Office. Parents are applying to attend a school next to their home, said to be either alone or in a remote area, 3-5 km away from their home.

Jonti Roy of Tahirpur Upazila, who applied for schooling next to his house, said, “I live in Badaghat Union. But I was promoted to Government Primary School in Jaipur. The school is 5 km away from my house. The communication system is also very bad because of the area of ​​hair. My mother lives alone at home. So I applied to attend schools next to my house.

A woman teacher who requested anonymity said, “My house is in Jagannathpur municipality. But I had to change three cars to get to where I was assigned. I am a girl, it is dangerous for me to come this far, the cost is too much. So I applied for a school in a neighborhood.

Mint Chandra Dev, the newly appointed teacher of Jagannathpur Upazila, said, “I have been stationed 5 km away from my house.” It’s very difficult to get there during the rainy season. I’m the only son in the family. The place becomes too far for me.
On the other hand, Emdadul Haque, a teacher appointed in Dharmapasha Upazila, said, “I have been appointed to the Bengal Vita Government Primary School at Madhinagar Police Station. But in January, when my wife was diagnosed with cancer, it was difficult for me to attend classes. My wife is undergoing treatment. That’s why I applied for my position at a school next to my house.

Educationist Pirmal Kanti De said that in order to improve the quality of education in all areas, the assistant teachers of the primary school were required to join the place where they were graduated. If a transfer application arrives at the start of joining, it does not look good. However, those who have applied for a transfer from a remote area should be transferred to the new workplace after one year.

District Primary Education Officer. Zillur Rahman said, we have received many applications. From there we give priority to the issue of women teachers, but all applications will be considered with consideration. We will arrange for those who have serious problems to attend the nearest school. The rest will be at their place of work.


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