Government offices closed until April 7

To avoid the outbreak of sakronavirus, all the government offices and courts may be closed without police and hospitals till April 7.

Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam will brief the matter on Monday and give a detailed announcement, a source said.

Abdul Gaffar, additional secretary of the cabinet division, said the matter would be briefed and briefed shortly.

Secretariat sources said the government has taken this decision as there is a possibility of spread of coronavirus infection locally. It’s not exactly a lockdown. That is, people will not have work. At this time you will be requested not to leave home.

Note that Bangladesh Shop Owners Association has decided to close all the supermarket and shops in the country from March 25 to March 8 to prevent coronavirus infection in the country.

The decision was taken at a meeting of Bangladesh Shop Owners Association on Sunday afternoon. Zahirul Haque Bhuiyan, secretary general of the organization, said this. However, pharmaceuticals, raw materials and consumer goods stores will remain open.

All the educational institutions across the country have been closed till March 3 due to infection in the country after the global epidemic of Kvid-1 disease. Work has also been restricted to various offices, including the court.

Events like public meetings have been closed to avoid transmission. All have been asked to avoid public meetings and public transport.

The coronavirus, which was first detected in China in late December, is now a global epidemic. So far about three and a half million people have been infected worldwide. More than 3,000 people died. Besides, about 5,000 people have returned home after treatment.

The virus was detected in Bangladesh on March 6. Thereafter, the number of infections in the virus increased. As of last year, there have been 3 attacks in the country and three have died. There are about 4,000 people in the self-contained and institutional quarantine. Most of them are expatriates.

Meanwhile, all the educational institutions of the country have been declared closed due to the spread of corona. Crowds have been imposed on meetings and rallies. Except for all four countries and regions, all passengers have been stopped.

The lower court’s judicial function has been postponed without bail and important issues.


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