List of important mobile libraries:

Mobile compression

GSM – Global Mobile System.

WCDMA – Wideband Code Division Multiple Access.

UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System.

AMOLED – Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode.

OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode.

APN: access point name.

LED – light emitting diode.

IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identification.

LCD – Liquid crystal display.

IPS: plane change.

OGS: a glass solution.

AAC: advanced audio coding.

SWF – Shock Wave Flash.

3GP – 3rd generation project.

WMV – Windows Media Video.

Computer: Generally oriented machine is specially wired and used for technical and educational research.

WMA: Windows Media Audio.

Waveform Audio Audio

Google – Global organization of group oriented languages.

JDI – Inclusion of screens from Japan.

VGA (640 × 240): video graphics matrix.

HVGA (480 × 320): Half-size VGA.

QVGA (320 × 240) – Quarter video graphics matrix.

WVGA (800 × 480) – Wide VGA.

FWVGA (854 × 480): Full wide VGA.

SVGA (800 × 600) – Super VGA.

QHD (960 × 540) – Quarter VGA.

HD (1280 × 720): high definition.

Yahoo – another hierarchical official oracle.

Viruses: Important information resources under siege.

UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System.

SIM – Customer’s mobile identification module.

GPRS – General Pocket Radio Service.

Edge: higher data rate for the evolution of GSM.

HSPA – High Speed ​​Pocket Access.

FHD (1920 × 1080): Full high definition.

SMS – Short Message Service.

MMS: multimedia messaging service.

GPS – Global Positioning System.

WLAN: wireless local area network.

Random – Random Access Memory.

Mobile compression

ROM: read only memory.

1G – First generation cell with AMPS.

4.5 g – cell up to four generations.

5G: cell phone of five generations.

Automatic profit control AGC G

AMPS – Advanced mobile phone service.

ANSI: American National Standards Institute.

ARPU- Average unit income.

ASP- Average selling price.

ALS: alternative line service.

2G – Second generation digital cell phone, with TDMA.

2.5g – up to second generation cell phone.

3G – Third generation cellular.

3.5 – Cellular up to third generation.

4G – Cellular of four generations.

AOL-American Online.

BBC baseband converter.

BFWA – Binary runtime environment for wireless networks.

BS – Base station.

D Amps- Digital Amps.

DECT – Digital European Cordless Telephone.

DSP: digital signal processor.

Edge: fastest data rate of global evolution.

EMS: extended courier service.

BTS: base transceiver station.

CSC – circuit switched cellular ular

DA-Digital to Analog Converter.

ERMES – European Radio Messaging System.

ESMR – Extended Special Mobile Radio.

FEC forwarding error connection.

FTP: File transfer protocol.


GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications – later version.

GHz- GHz

GGSN- Gateway GPRS service node.

GPRS – General Pocket Radio Service.

HDML – The language for identifying portable devices.

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language.

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

WVGA video graphics matrix.

UPS: uninterruptible power supply.

ESN: electronic serial number.

Mobile compression

HDMI: high definition multimedia interface.

VPN: virtual personal network.

DLNA – Digital Life Networks Alliance.

WXGA widescreen extended graphics matrix.

USB: universal serial bus.

ESN: serial number of the electronics.

HSDPA – High speed downlink packet access.

HSUPA – High speed uplink packet access.

HSPA: high speed packet access.

ETSI – European Telecommunications Standards Institution.

FCC – Federal Communications Commission.

FDMA: multiple access to frequency categories.

Integrated circuit IC.

WLAN: wireless local area network.

PPI: pixels per inch.

LCD – Liquid crystal display.

IDSL – Internet Digital Subscription Line.

IDSL – Internet Digital Subscription Line.

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Internet Protocol IP

IVR- Interactive Voice Response.

IMODE-Wireless Internet Service.

JPEG – Joint Group of Photography Experts.

KHZ- Kiloherts

KB- Kilo byte

Kbps: kilobytes per second.

LAN- Local Area Network.

LBS: local service.

ITU – International Telecommunication Union.

Yes – intermediate frequency

IMT – International Mobile Phone.

IM- instant message.

INA – Low Noise Amplifier.

Jar – Java file.

MP3 – MPEG 111 Player.

LMDS – Local Multipoint Delivery Service.

Mac-Medium access control.

MBS- Mobile broadband system.

MC- Mobile commerce.

AVI – Audio Video Interleaving.

MP4: MPEG-4 video file.

3 GPP – 3rd generation.

Window: Develop a wide interactive network for office work solutions.

NIS network interface card.

NetTV – Internet Television.

NMT _ Nordic mobile phone.

Noise: any unwanted signal.

PA- Power amplifier.

Mobile compression

MNO – Mobile Network Operator.

MPACT- Group of cinema experts.

MTSO – Mobile Phone Switching Office.

MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network.

URL: uniform resource locator.

PDA – Personal Digital Assistant.

PHS – Personal Digital Portable Telephone System.

SIS: Semilan operating system installation file.

AMR: Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec.

JAD: Java application descriptor.

Viruses: important information.

SPL – Service Provider Block.

TACS- Total Access Communication System.

TDMA: multiple access to the time slot.

UTMS – Universal Mobile Phone System.

WAE: wireless application environment.

WAP: Wireless Application Protocol.

WPT wireless transport protocol.

WWW – World Wide Web

PDC – Personal Digital Cellular.